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Feature Film 
-2011 "A Fiend's Love" Directed by Teli Share, Los Angeles, CA 
-2013 "The Gun Woman/女体銃" Directed by Kurando Mitsutake, Los Angeles, CA  

-2015 “The Kids From 62-F” Directed by Imani Shakur, Palmdale, CA  

-2015 “Defective” Directed by Yuki Ono, Los Angeles, CA 
-2015 "BONDO/KIZUNA" Directed by Ryuji Yamakita, Los Angeles, CA  

-2016 "KARATE KILL" Directed by Kurando Mitsutake, Los Angeles, CA  

-2017 "Gehenna-Where The Death Lives" Directed by Hiroshi Katagiri, Los Angeles, CA 
-2017 "Previous Man" Directed by Sean O'Connor, Olympia, WA  

-2018 “I Am Not A Bird” Directed by William Olsson, Tokyo, Japan 

-2018 “Los Japon” Directed by Alvaro Diaz Lorenzo, Tokyo, Japan 

-2019 “Diner” Directed by Mika Ninagawa, Tokyo, Japan 

-2019 "MISS OSAKA" Directed by Daniel Dencik, Osaka, Japan 

-2020 "RURO NI KENSHIN" Directed by Keishi Otomo, Japan 

-2020 "SNAKE EYES (G.I JOE series)" Directed by Robert Schwentke Hyogo, Japan 


Short Film 
-2012 'Anatomy Is Destiny' Directed by Saeed Khoze, Los Angeles, CA 
-2012 “The Eye of the Beholder” Directed by Britainne Pederson, Hollywood, CA

-2012 "Perfect Angel" Directed by Paul Nicoletos, North hollywood, CA 
-2012 "What Have I Done?" Directed by Bob Buhrl, Palms Springs, CA 
-2012 "Rocco Gang " Directed by Mikel Caprice, Hollywood, CA 
-2012 "House of Haunts" Directed by Antonio Russo, Hollywood, CA 
-2013 “It’s Over!” Directed by Kachain Thongmanee, Hollywood, CA 
-2013 “The Long Wait" Directed by Wolfgang Bodison, Hollywood, CA 
-2013 “Here I am” Directed by Goran Stankovic, Hollywood, CA 
-2014 "THIRST" Directed by Jiyong Aev Lee, Hollywood, CA 
-2015 “Long Lost” Directed by Thy Riedel, Orange, CA 
-2015 “Cease Fire” Directed by Darrell Langolf Jr., Maricopa, CA 
-2015 “In the Dark” Directed by Barnaby Sax, Hollywood, CA 
-2016 "No Mind" Directed by Daniel Arsham, Tokyo, Japan 
-2018 "EVA" Directed by Osamu Watamori, Winton, Australia 

-2019 "In The Light"Directed by Kiichi Nakamura, Tokyo, Japan 

-2020 "Merpeople" Directed by Kunio Nozawa, HongKong 

-2020 "GEIMU" Directed by Drian Goto, Tokyo, Japan 

TV Series 

-2019 "GIRI/HAJI" on NETFLIX ,Tokyo 

-2019 "Followers" on NETFLIX by Mika Ninagawa, Tokyo 

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